Custom Jewelry
created especially for you! 

We welcome any custom request imaginable,
& especially enjoy collaborating with Artists

Matthew adores working with others in his design process.
If you would like to design a custom piece similar to one you've seen here, elsewhere, or something entirely unique, he would love to hear from you & bring your idea to life!

Signature Galactic Series

Red & Yellow Tourmaline &  Iolite Faceted Gemstones


Galactic Citrine Pendant

Sterling Silver & Citrine Faceted Gemstone 


Star Gazer Flower

Copper & Silver


Divine Light Transfer 

Silver, Tanzanite &
Green Tourmaline

Color Changing Gemstones

Couture Fashion Jewelry 

Stainless Steel

Custom Collaboration with designer Francisco Medavog

Couture Fashion Jewelry 

Copper & Rose Quartz

Custom Collaboration with designer Francisco Medavog

Matthew Cirello 

Award-winning artist Matthew Cirello studied Metalsmithing at Humboldt State University, where he found his creative niche. In 2006, Matt returned home and joined the nonprofit organization Spanish Village Art Center in the heart of Balboa Park — the largest community of working artists in San Diego. Matt began coordinating artists for the center’s special events, and fell in love with bringing creative people together to create. This love became the Cirello Art Gallery.

Matt owned and operated Cirello Gallery in North Park from 2008-2014 representing painters, sculptors, glass blowers, photographers, and jewelers. He later founded the nonprofit North Park Arts and loved hosting the Ray At Night art walk and watching the community come together.

From 2013-2019, Matt spent time on a collaborative labour of love developing a spectacular 40 acre ranch in Jamul, CA — growing food and creating a farm-to-table holistic healing community to bring artists together on a larger scale.

In 2017 Cirello welcomed Thomas Bloom Smiley-Cirello into the world. They live on a little ranch in Lakeside, CA where he co-parents with Bloom's mom, Angela — and works out of a magical & historic barn built in 1906. Wild peacocks roam the land where his son is the 5th generation — and where the next season of the Cirello Art Collective was born.

Cirello finds inspiration in the sacred geometric shapes and patterns interwoven throughout nature. The "Flower of Life" is the symbol of creation, and Matt is passionate about finding ways to make art that will help the collector feel connected to the earth and all its beauty. 

For Cirello, creating art is a transcendent experience where the ego is lost, the mind is clear, and love comes down and through him from the divine. Matthew makes art to celebrate the interconnectedness of the universe, and to share with others the love he has for life. We hope you are inspired by both his heart and his creations.
                             Give Thanks.. Love Life.. Cirello.


Cirello Jewelry & Art Collective

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Our jewelry comes in a gift box with locally harvested white sage, representing & honoring the original inhabitants of this land, the Kumeyaay indigenous peoples.        
                                                                    Give Thanks.. Love Life.. Cirello.

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